2017 - Azastra has been acquired by Broadcom

Azastra is pleased to announce that is has become part of Broadcom Ltd.  

All Power over Fiber engineering, manufacturing and business activities are moving to Broadcom facilities, and will be integrated into the Broadcom technical, production, sales and quality infrastructure.  

For information regarding product specifications, quotations, and orders, please contact your Broadcom sales partner or simon.fafard at broadcom.com.

VEHSA™ chips nominated for 10 Discoveries of 2016 in Quebec Science - January 2017

The Québec Science magazine is featuring our innovation with high-efficiency high-power photovoltaic power converters, based on the novel Vertical Epitaxial Heterostructure Architecture (VEHSA™ design), as one of the 10 discoveries of the year 2016. Please vote for us!

Photovoltaic VEHSA™ Product is Nominated for CS Industry Award 2017 - January 2017

Our high-efficiency high-power photovoltaic power converters based on the novel Vertical Epitaxial Heterostructure Architecture (VEHSA™ design) are nominated for the CS Industry awards 2017. Please vote for us!

Azastra offers Photonic Power Converter demo kits including LD3W laser diodes for isolated high-power solutions – October 2016.

Azastra Opto commercializes the record breaking high-photovoltage PT VEHSA™ products - September 2016

Invited technical presentation delivered at EMN conference in Budapest – September 2016

VEHSA™ devices demonstrate “Highest Conversion Efficiencies Ever!” – August 2016

New publication in Semiconductor Today - March 2016

Vertical epitaxial heterostructure GaAs optical transducers

New publication in Applied Physics Letters - February 2016

Ultrahigh efficiencies in vertical epitaxial heterostructure architectures

Invited speaker - February 2016

Azastra's CEO presents results on High Efficiency Phototransducer at Photonics West Conference

Azastra Opto presents at Ecofuel event – May 2015

Product Availability - March 2015

Releasing of AOI-PT5 product line

Product Revealed - February 2015

Azastra's Ultra-High Efficiency Phototransducer revealed at Photonics West Conference

Technology & product development and Patent Filing - (2013 - 2014)

Patent on Azasta's innovative phototransducer technology is filed internationally